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Social media and your business


When we talk about Social Media space we refer to an immense and diverse community. Most associate this environment with social networking sites, where you can interact with friends and where you can post a picture from your holiday. It is true that this is the meaning of Social Media, but should not be neglected it’s contribution in your business environment.ffffff-Optimized

The main advantage of using Social Media is attracting new visitors to your web site and thus improve certain aspects of the following dimensions:


– name recognition

– visibility

– active presence on the market

– reputation (the first position in the consumer’s mind)

– people will remember your company (products and services) when they will need to obtain a particular product/service.

Building relationships:

– establish your  knowledge/abilities/powers and expose them so that the world recognize you according to these

– active participation in all activities in Social Media as a good citizen (involvement in discussions, participation in the activities of the social-games, applications, events)

– auto promotion  to be honest and non-aggressive

– supporting those advertised/listed via links, multimedia resources.

Improvement of services/products

Optimize your searches on Google:

– if you have constant and frequent references on Facebook, Twitter, using keywords.

Sale, where possible:

In general, it is considered that social media is an ideal space for long-term commitments, branding and marketing, and less for sales.  But who is able to segment Social Media audiences in unique results will reflect, in particular, in the sales reports.

All of the above reinforce our belief that Social Media is the Internet’s revelation in terms of business environment.

Profitable business ideas for 2014


If I had to look at the good part of the actual economic situation, it would be that, increasingly more people take in hands their destiny and decide to start their own businesses. So, 2014 is a good year to get into the arena and put into practice your dreams through a home based business with low initial cost. Starting a small business requires such a smooth planning, strict control of the money and time invested in its development.idea-Optimized

Career consultant

In this period, increasingly more people, whether they are fresh graduates or have years of experience in the back, they need help when it comes to finding a job or making a decision regarding the evolution of their careers. So, if you have experience in human resources or simply a vast professional experience and want to share with others of it, this business is for you!

What you should know/do as a career consultant? You must have the communication skills to know very well the labour market, to help your clients to discover which are the strengths and weaknesses, what are the most appropriate directions of professional development, how to write a resume and how to submit to an interview, how to overcome shyness etc.

In order to promote you business, you must use mainly the Internet, through a presentation site for the services you provide, where you can also post articles relating to career development and management. Also, you can make an account on social networks where you can interact with your potential customers.

An advantage in such a business is getting a professional certificate, which attests to the specific competencies for career counseling in your country, and for that you should follow a specialized course.

Natural or dietetics food firm

Increasingly more people are giving increased importance to food either for medical reasons or because they want to have a healthier life style. In this context, a company that would provide fresh and healthy food, can have success. So, if you’re passionate about cooking and your food is always appreciated by those around you, this is the right business for you!

For starters you can work in your kitchen and after you will increase the volume of your business, you can rent a larger space. Supply and delivery of finished products can be done in a first phase with your personal car to which you must add a cold adapted equipment.

To promote you can open a blog where you can put your recipes and write articles about natural nutrition/dietetics. In addition, you can distribute flyers in office buildings or through medical practices of family doctors or nutritionists. But, the most important promotion is done through satisfied clients, so it’s essential to not do rabat from quality and to abide by your promises to consumers.

Coach/trainer on personal development

In these recent years stands out more intense concern in terms of personal development and a return to spirituality. From the business point of view, this creates new opportunities for those passionate about the field, which can offer services to other people wishing to invest in their development. What does that mean? You can use your  knowledge and experience to help others to know better, to cope with stress more easily, to establish goals and to create strategies to achieve them.

A good way to get into this market would be the acquisition of a national or international franchises.

You can market your services with minimum costs, exploiting the potential offered by the Internet, making a website or a blog to put relevant content for your potential clients. And for this business idea, the best way to promote it through satisfied clients who will recommend you to other people, so you have to treat seriously this activity and to maintain the confidentiality of any information.

Agriculture, an investment for the future


aaaaaaInvestments in agricultural products could be more profitable in the next year than in stocks or precious metals amid the evolution in developing markets, UBS data show, the largest investment bank in Switzerland.

Agricultural products seem to be a profitable investment in 2014 amid increasing global population and wealth among developing countries.

“Agricultural Goods will probably offer the best rates of profitability, better even than precious metals, which have already experienced significant growth,” said Larry Hathaway, chief economist of UBS.

The Swiss Investment Bank’s preference for agriculture is based on the theory according to which a difference next year will be made by the increasing influence on the world stage in developing states.

Thus, while the growth forecast for the economy in developing countries will slow next year by 0.5%, to 5.5 percent, it will remain however over the 1.6 percent rate estimated for developed states, UBS data show.

Advertising on Facebook

Facebook advertising
Facebook advertising
Facebook advertising
Facebook advertising

Facebook is the largest network of social networking sites in the world, traffic on this site is incredibly high, and the public is very broad. Advertising on Facebook is one of the best ways of paid advertising and can be distinguished very much of AdSense, which transmits advertisements on all the internet.

Why do I recommend this service offered by Facebook? For that on Facebook not too many people give click on ads without caring about the product or services offered in the description. And how on Facebook we meet a broad public, depending on their preferences you can sell a product or your services on the internet very easy.

The price paid by the service advertising sponsorship offered by Facebook, as far as I know, there is little less than or equal to that of the service AdSense. To understand more in connection with advertisements on Facebook and how you can get you’re advertising on Facebook access .

What should you know about Hummingbird Update?

Hummingbird Update
Hummingbird Update
Hummingbird Update
Hummingbird Update

What is Hummingbird Update?

“Hummingbird” is one of the smaller, but at the same time agile birds, that has been chosen to bear the name of the new algorithm based search engine Google.

15 Years ago, in the autumn of 1998, the best-known search engine in the world was launched in a garage in California by ITS two parents and founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. A decade and a half later, at the same time with Google’s birth anniversary, celebrated where else than in the garage where it all started, was launched Hummingbird, the new algorithm.

What do you need to change on your site after Hummingbird Update?

It’s not the first time when Google shall update the algorithm. Over the years, there have been numerous revisions and enhancements to its script, it becomes more complex and more precisely from version to version.

Update from this autumn brings with it components of the transition toward the semantic web. Thus, Google continue to be given to important keywords, but they are no longer treated as if it were a distinct elements, which are indexed separately. Once with Hummingbird, Google is trying to understand their meanings behind the content, in order to be able to respond to the questions in more and more specific users (such as for example: “how tall is Eiffel Tower? ” ).

Thus, if your site has been built with specific emphasis on users, it wouldn’t do to change anything. You are already on the right path! In any case, Google has announced that the new algorithm is running for more than a month before its official release, so if you have not seen changes since then in graphs visits, it means there will not be problems.

The content of quality continues to be king in SEO optimization, and relevance has its place of honor, because at the same time as an increase in the number of sites, and the methods of promotion, the battle is often around relevance.

Subdomains and SEO


When it is desired to have an increased number of visitors on a site, as well as a rank page, webmaster generally uses more fields to create a structure of backlinks. But there is also a path easier and less expensive. An optimizing of a website for search engines, but also an increase in rank, can be done using subdomains of the principal domain of the site.seo

What are the subdomains?

The subdomains are some secondary areas within the master domain. Addresses of these areas are in a format like “”, where “” is the principal field, while the ‘subdomain” is the subdomain. Search engines interpret the subdomains as distinct web sites. The advantage lies in the fact that you can create usually how many areas you want (valid for all Web hosting packages ) and there is no need to purchase separate areas, which means costs in addition. There are, however, Web hosting service providers which shall collect additional taxes when number of subdomains exceeds a fixed limit for that package of Web hosting.

Niche subdomains

Another benefit of subdomains (particularly in the case of a niches), is that each subdomain will include the main keyword to the address. For example, if the domain is “” and the subdomain  is “”, when someone searches for “auto parts” or “parts” using a search engine, the site in question wins in ranking. This may be extended by the creation of additional subdomains like “” etc. The rank page of the site increases when one is searching for “car” or “components”. The idea is that search engines do not see these subdomains as parts of the principal domain and add rank to the  main domain.

Correct use of subdomains

It is not difficult to use subdomains but you must understand that, in order to make a correct optimization, you must take into account in particular the keyword you selected. It is recommended that you choose subdomains’ name in such a way as to be closely linked to the main domain name. As an example, it would not make sense to add a subdomain like “” to “” only if they have been selling at a given moment shoes on this site. But we can add a subdomain like “”. The best way to create efficient subdomains is to choose suitable keywords which are usually the most searched using search engines. It is best to write down the keywords related to your industry and then to use that as subdomains names.

There is a need, however,  of some practice to find the suitable keywords,  but you’ll find that it is much easier to work with subdomains and most importantly, cheaper. If you have unlimited funds for the project and you purchase a large number of areas, this does not necessarily mean an online presence of success. You can accomplish the same thing by using subdomains!


Businesses that goes to maximum capacity at this time of the year


How to factory “sweet gifts” and what is the trend in the field of chocolate? This is the period of the year in which in the toys factories, but also in those with chocolate, people are working without a pause and the air is like in a forever Christmas. Workers are working with a big smile on their lips because of their hands come out great figures, some of them even mabe with gold or silver.11

Not only little santas with … Belgian chocolate are beaming, lined up in the kitchen. Together with them we found snow mens, praline shoes or sweet angels, all created manually and flavored with cinnamon, almonds or oranges. Then products are packed with care and sent to customers from all over the country.

“This year was asked for something else, in the sense that they wanted miscellaneous products, which have a higher value added, meaning more paint, more attention, special flavorings may also insets with gold and silver”, explains manager of a chocolate factories.

Not just the ones who are looking gifts for their loved ones chose sweet surprises. Also the representatives who want to reward their employees or collaborators have been made orders since the month of July.

About money and prosperity: Kiyosaki


If you want to talk about money, we need Kiyosaki. He is one of the most competent trainers in the art of financial education and also the author of books that should not be missing from any businessman, careerist, interested persons to control their finances. Here are some famous quotes that belong to Robert Kiyosaki, quotes that you can learn, memorize and apply!index

” The size of your success will be measured based on the power of your desire, the size of your dream and how you treat your disappointments that will occur. ”

” Confront your fears and doubts and new worlds will be revealed to you. ”

” Confidence comes from discipline and exercise. ”

” When people are pitiful, they love to put the blame on others. ”

” If you want to get in a certain place, it is good to find someone who has already been there. ”

” In every problem lies an opportunity. ”

” Many people are afraid to tell the truth, to say NO. Here it takes toughness. Hardness does not mean to become aggressive. To be tough means to have the spine. ”

” When times are bad, then pick up the real business people. ”

” Quitting is the easiest thing you can do. ”