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Seo tips for 2014

SEO tips for 2014
SEO tips for 2014

I decided to explain some important details about what is SEO and how to obtain top positions in Google results. There are hundreds of online articles, but these “lessons” are for those who understand seo at advanced environment. Each of those who offer seo services, has a certain “image” of what and how to “do” seo. In these positions, our opinions are presented. Each phrase can generate dozens of hours of discussions, but it is not the goal. The purpose of these articles is to answer, in short, a few essential questions about seo optimization.

SEO tips for 2014
SEO tips for 2014

What are the most important types of searches?

  • brand
  • money keywords
  • long tails

Brand: brand searches are searches in which internet users find information or video online (website) of a brand. It’ s a searching where you can try a seo strategy and even a campaign in some cases, if you want a part of competition’s traffic. Don’t expect the special conversions, however, are still searching for competition or a certain brand.

Money Keywords: are those searches which Google has been suggested and is still doing it. That theoretically should generate sales (revenue) for products or services, e.g. accommodation (City), shop (clothes, laptop, etc.), games (online, with cars), etc. They are so called “keywords” for any type of site.

Long tails: Are “more natural” searches, suggested or not by Google. ex: accommodation (in town) at (pension, hotel, etc.) with (swimming pool, playground, etc), or “the best recipes for cabbage rolls”, or: “seo optimization for online shops of clothes”, etc.

What should you do in order to obtain top positions?

Is the answer that any online business owner (or blog) is looking to find out as soon as he heard of seo (seo optimization, online promotion, etc.) . The Google algorithm is extremely complex, the positions offered in results (SERP) depend on many facts and details. But the most important ( even today) are:

Links: most of the Google algorithm is based (still) on the links. The links are based on recommendations received for your site, from other sites. If offline, a friend recommend you by talking about you, online this recommendation is written and is called citation (without link) or link.

The number of links IT DOESN’T MATTER. Instead, their quality matters. Quality of links provides you with authority, and the authority will provide the site top positions in the results provided by Google. Internal links are links from your site, and when site is more authoritative, internal pages authority grows and also positions. External links are links that your site gets or those you refer (links to other sites from your site). Good links are the “do-follow”, I mean those links that recommend you. The links “no-follow” are those links that will recommend you, but without offerung you authority or importance. The links “no-follow” can be considered similar to the citation (nofollow link). Avoid as much as possible the use of “money keywords” in dofollow links.

Content: text, images, video, etc. from your site are called content. Content is an essential element for achieving top positions for “long tail” searches. Links are more important than the content? Definitely YES. The links will provide top positions for searching “money keywords”, but the content will offer you free traffic for “long tail” searches and most importantly, will help conversions!

What matters more, links or content?

Google understand what your site aims by indexing pages and by analyzing incoming links. Regardless of the content of the title and meta description, Google knows exactly what it is that page, so in some cases, rewrite the title and description, if you consider that they are not relevant to the user.

A site without content or with very little content/weak, but with much better links, will get top positions on search “money keywords” ahead of a competitor with a very good content, but with fewer links or weaker (qualitative) links. In contrast, for “long tail” searches, the content site will get better positions, because actually, that page contains information relevant to the search performed by a user. You can get traffic to a website without content, but why did you do that? The rationale behind the top positions (for traffic) is to generate conversions. Content is one of the essential elements for conversions. So, write content for user and get only quality links for your site!

What is and how to get a quality link?

A quality link is the link that will recommend you, from a quality site. That site is a known one (giving you also traffic) and in turn has an important number of quality links. I repeat, not quantity counts. Always a quality site:

– is one with a PageRank higher than 4.

– contains hundreds of pages of unique content and articles.

– is active (comments, forum, etc.)

– it’s old (at least 2 years old)

– in turn has enough quality links

– most of the times is a brand (you’ve already heard of him)

There are sites with thousands of links from directories, reviews, forums, etc., that, if are not disappeared yet (penalty), do not appear in the first page of Google results. While sites with 2-3 links get top positions. Quality matters! Quality links are obtained by several methods, but one is simple and efficient: buying! I know, you can get natural links in 2014, through quality content, guest blogging, etc. would you? You can buy links through the agency that offers you seo services or directly from the source. How much does it cost and how do you buy them are already details which not have place in this post.

Best links: obtained from an authoritative site, with much power, with few external links on the page and relevant content to your business ( it’s ideally the entire site to be relevant, but it’s extremely hard to obtain). If the content of the page is quality, you can generate quality traffic (conversions) and a strong link in time (page gets also links). There is a discussion about the .edu,. gov., but it is not the case at the moment.

Quality content: you can write it (recommended) or you can buy it.

If your budget does not allow you to make a quality site, to buy links and quality content actually means that you don’t have a business, you only have a blog or a website created for adsense. Otherwise, any business, online or offline, has a budget of promotion and seo is the most important online advertising service. A great site with quality content and a few authoritative links offers you a very good start, regardless of the type of online business. Do you have them already, but still you are not in the top 3? Seo is a process and not a destination! Monthly you need for new content and links. Whether we are talking about 2-3 articles or 2-3 links, adding content, making changes in the site (for conversions) and getting links are monthly tasks in any online business.




WordPress sites and SEO

WordPress sites and SEO
WordPress sites and SEO

Even if Google says ” build your site for your visitors, not for search engines “, if the position of the search engine ranking is low, you might not have any visitors. The things are not like ” if I made a website, visitors will come out “, because mostly traffic depends on finding your site in search engine results.

WordPress sites and SEO
WordPress sites and SEO

Most of those using search engines don’t go more than the first 5 results displayed and webmasters who have technical knowledge know how to optimize websites to occupy a place in the top search results. Thus, their efforts will definitely make your site to drop in the rankings, if it is not optimized for search engines.

However, it does not mean you should overdo it with search engine optimization, since it could be penalized if you concentrate too much on optimization tactics, than providing quality web content. You need to find a balance between providing relevant and quality content to your visitors and also optimize the site in a way that search engines can access it easily by crawling, to validate it as well in the global rankings.

Even if you are not an expert in coding, there are a variety of WordPress plugins that can help you optimize your website without requiring advanced technical expertise.

What can be the cause of a low page ranking?

There are many causes for which your site may have a low ranking, but we will tackle those that you can easily fix:

1. Duplicate content

2. Large loading times

3. XML sitemap

Here are some suggestions about how to fix those problems for a website with WordPress hosting:

1. Duplicate content

WordPress allows visitors to navigate posts (saved in archives) according to various criteria: date, category or tag. The archives contain postings, along with an excerpt or summary of their usual format of the first sentences. Unfortunately, search engines consider this as duplicate content, because it might be confused about the page that should include in search results.  To solve this problem, we need to trained search engine to not indexe archives and the tags. This can be achieved by using a meta tag called “robots”:

<meta name=”robots” value=”noindex,follow” />

In the above example, the meta tag instructs search engines to not index the current page, but to follow the links.

2. Large loading times

The loading speed is an important factor that contributes to the positioning of a website in search engine rankings. The first step is to perform a speed test.

3. XML sitemap

To ensure that search engines can easily find all of your WordPress blog pages, it is essential to have an XML sitemap. A sitemap is a document that contains all the pages of your site, structured in a way that the search engines can understand and which contains information such as date of last modification of a page or posts. Here is how you can generate a sitemap for your blog:

1) from the WordPress admin interface, go to the Plugins > Add New, search “google xml sitemaps” and click on the Install Now button under the name of the plugin (Google XML Sitemaps by Arne Bachhold).

2) after it has been installed, click on Activate Plugin.

3) from the main menu, go to Settings > XML-Sitemaps. You can keep the default settings.

4) Click on ” Click here to build it the first time ” button, at the top of the page.

5) If you haven’t created your sitemap, make sure that the root directory of your blog is writable.

6) from the main menu, go to Settings > Reading and be sure that ” Discourage search engines from indexing this site ” is not ticked.

Although it is not necessary to have an account with Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) to index your site, however it is highly recommended to have one and will add the site in it. Once your site is added to your account, GWT make sure that you have registered also your sitemap:

1) sign in to your GWT account and select your site.

2) go to the Optimization > Sitemaps and click Add/Test Sitemap from the top.

3) Enter the sitemap address, including sitemap file itself (sitemap.XML).

4) Click on  Submit Sitemap.

Once the sitemap has been registered, it may take a couple of days until Google starts to index the content of your site. You will then have the opportunity to see how many pages were indexed and how many are in the process of indexing.

Compliance with these SEO tips does not guarantee that you will reach the top 10, but it definitely is a good start.


Affiliate marketing or Google Adsense?

Affiliate Marketing or Google Adsense
Affiliate Marketing or Google Adsense
Affiliate Marketing or Google Adsense
Affiliate Marketing or Google Adsense

You have opened a blog, you posted a significant number of articles and now you are thinking how  you can make money with it?

Google AdSense is an interesting way that should be explored. Here you have to have some patience because Google does not approve all accounts and you can end up in a situation to make more applications until you eventually have your AdSense account.

Another interesting way of monetization of the blog lies in affiliate marketing. You have a lot to choose from, whether you want to market books, clothing, bedding, travel or even sex-shops. Affiliate marketing requires some work, it’s not enough to throw a banner in a corner of the website and expect to be able to fill up accounts. The biggest win are made by people who have websites on a niche and are known for their reviews on products.

I’ve bought several times through the affiliate links of blogs that I read, whether we are talking about books or IT&C product. The price you pay is the same as a client, and additionally the blogger you read receives a small commission from the seller. It’s the way that you can show appreciation towards his work.

As a bloger, I have used Google AdSense and affiliate marketing. Winnings are more symbolic unless you have a significant traffic, but it is basically an exciting sport, not as a means of winning itself.

Google AdSense  seems more appropriate  for a generalist blog with high traffic. Lear how to place banners, how to rotate them or do a study to see which are the best positions. If your blog is for product reviews, try affiliate marketing.

Some say that if you have affiliate links, you must not to use AdSense banners because you lose the clicks. I think that, with a high traffic, you can use them both without any problems, or just AdSense if you have a generalist blog. When people come to a generalist blog they do not have a so strong  impulse to buy, and in affiliate marketing the appellant is limited. I mean, if you have clicked today but you buy the product more than 20 days, that blog might not collect any commission.

Affiliate marketing can get fewer clicks than AdSense, because products are not the same, as in the other case may be contextual, but the earnings are greater than a few clicks on AdSense.


SEO tips for 2014

Seo tips for 2014
Seo tips for 2014

In order to obtain the best results from the process of SEO optimization for your website you need to be aware of the new requirements, techniques and strategies that will allow you to quickly react to various events that can influence your business.

Seo tips for 2014
Seo tips for 2014

The last 2 years have been extremely active in terms of SEO due to a significant number of updates which focussed on promoting abusive techniques. The largest search engine, Google, because he is in the spotlight in this point of view, has updated the algorithm in the last 2 years as follows:

-5 Penguin updates (aiming abusive techniques in link building)

– 16 Panda updates (aiming abusive techniques in SEO on-page)

– 1 Hummingbird update (does not affect the positioning of websites, is an update of the algorithm that aims to return the most relevant results from more complex searches, for example: what is the address of Buckingham Palace?)

Everything you applied in recent years almost is no longer valid because the techniques that worked in the past no longer have the same results today. For example, the massive registrations in directories, web sites like social bookmarking, wikis, false profiles on forums, comment on blogs, article directories, link wheels, blog networks worked well for those who have used them until the first update of Penguin. Then came the inevitable penalty because all of the techniques in question have been without value for users. Here are some predictions for 2014, resulting in advice to avoid real penalties:

1. Bet on social media – lately search engines increasingly appreciate more sites that have social profiles and have a large number of followers. In real life we tend to trust in companies that have a large number of clients/employees. Do not add social profiles on just your products because people use social networks more for fun rather than for shopping. My advice is to start with Google Plus, then with Facebook.

2. Add social buttons on your site – there is nothing easier than that website to be autopromoted  in social networks by users. I recommend the buttons Like, Share, Tweet, Google, Pin It.

3. Press releases – it’s natural to post press releases, because every company wants to communicate something. Not send general articles just to earn links, but try to make the difference between a press release and a general article.

4. Create quality content – if you have a virtual store with cameras, a good idea would be to add as much detail as you can to the products you market. For prospective customers, explain all they need to know about each product.

5. Avoid commercial anchors – for example, if you own a site that offers accommodation in London, it is more natural for someone to write about yourself on a site that he was staying at the Hotel “Edelweiss” and less natural as he checked the ” London “. My guess is that this type of promotion with links on keywords will not bring good results, and the future will confirm if I was right or not.

6. Advertorials – still work if they are written more naturaly and more diversified.

7. Optimize your site for mobile devices – you need to know that the number of users who use smartphones and tablets is constantly increasing. We are at the point where the number of users that use mobile devices on the Internet is very close to the number of those who use desktop devices, the growth rate of those who use mobile devices being extremely high.

8. The loading speed of the site – definitely users want a more enjoyable experience on your site, and to that  it contributes also the  speed of loading pages. Counts as a web hosting company to offer a good speed, so my advice is to check and test.

9. Optimize conversion rate, test and optimize again. Sounds fascinating, but from simple changes in our site you can get a larger number of customers at the same number of visitors. For example, for virtual stores can be a good idea to allow users to order without being obliged to register, because linear flow control is lost along with the registration.

10. Try to create a brand and help people to find what they wanted, because they are located on your website because of a need. If they get at a good price what they searched for, more than likely they will return, will write about your brand on their websites and will recommend further. There is no SEO better than this.


Tips to save your money

Saving money
Saving money

How to save money? The phrase ” money for black days ” is not at all a bad advice. It is necessary for each person to save some money on that will be available in an account in the Bank or in any kind of investment which can pull out at any time. This money will help you to get over difficult times such as emergency expenses or for moments when you can end up unemployed for a while. The temptation to spend money is everywhere and it’s hard to abstain, but there are little things that will help you save some money, which certainly at some point will make the difference.

Saving money
Saving money

The first and most important tip is to spend less. Although it seems a trivial advice with no content, with it you can save the most money. There are countless daily expenses which are not needed and disposed them may bring a considerable amount of money over time. Some expenses you can give up are: use public transport instead of taxi or personal car, abandon the products of company when you have so many products that replace them successfully and with a similar quality (in short, stop paying for a product’s logo), read the press release on the internet if you have a subscription to the newspaper, reduce energy consumption, make coffee at home rather than buy a cup of coffee in the way to work, etc.

Buy smart! To buy smart, you must have always a shopping list and get on it exactly what you need and get you limit yourself to those products. Get money to buy only those items and leave your card at home. See which supermarket/store offers the lowest prices and buy from there. If you hear a promo to a product you are interested in then please don’t hesitate to take advantage of it.

Limit your liabilities. You can not avoid a debt, but surely you can limit them and control them. Don’t borrow more than you need and you do not use your credit card unless you know that you can fill in the missing money in time to pay no interest.

Make a list with every monthly expense, no matter how insignificant it may be. The savings are the difference between what you earn and what you spend. If you know how much you win, then you have to see exactly on what you spend your money that to know where you can save.

Establish a budget and keep up with it. If you want to save money, you must have prepared a monthly budget in time and get immediate information about how you win, what expenses you have and how much you can afford to spend. Then you will know what expenses are not necessary and can be avoided.

Save money for real. Many put some money aside and at the earliest opportunity arise, appeals to them. Put a certain amount of money aside from each paycheck or when you can and be sure to use it only in emergency situations.


– you must always over estimate your expenses and sub estimate your income

– beware of what you own, so you will have to replace some things less often and you will save money in long term

– if you have some money that you were not expecting, then save them all and do not modify your budget according to them

Online blog, a source of income


What is the new ” job ” in which everyone can earn money from home, while sitting on the Chair? Having a blog!2-Optimized

Blogs are web platform capable of supporting almost any type of information: information, video, audio and text. The advantages are numerous: a blog post can be created quickly, at a single click, it’s easy to handle and allows relationships between authors and readers through comments system.

What is the initial investment?

The price of a blog means web hosting, domain and any changes that are required in order to achieve a beautiful interface for visitors. In short, if we do the necessary calculations, 20-30 Euro/year is the support and the maintenance for a self hosted blog (with host and domain). At such a price, we’d be tempted to think that a blog is just a play, but this is totally untrue!

What are the advantages of a blog?

They are real, because the Internet will offer the same chance to get audience in certain niches like any other website, whether it belongs to a media trust or someone who has no connection with media world. No matter who you are, regardless of your actual experience in web, irrespective of knowledge of programming or web, you have a real chance to make audience (money) on a nice well established, which you think you can handle well!

Where does the audience come from?

The majority of websites (blogs, for the most part) are acquainted with visitors through searches on the search engines. Any niche (industry) represents the public interest and if you have a blog that provides information relevant to one niche, you can get the audience through search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) or with the help of other bloggers who appreciate your blog, making you advertisement for free!

The beautiful part is that search engines will not put in “above” positions  the websites that pay well or have financial support, but will only help those who provide relevant information, which are appreciated by other readers…which is why we can say that you have all the chances to collect an audience of tens or thousands of unique visitors per day, if you know what you are doing and appreciated among the bloggers!

How to earn money?

Finally, we reached the most interesting point of the article! The only method by which a blog can earn money is selling advertising, as well as from newspapers, tv, radio etc. However, the forms by which it can sell advertising is different, and here are a few main methods:

1. Google Adsense – the largest advertising network in the world, from which some bloggers have managed to become millionaires in euro! Google Adsense is very simple: you register a Google account, you sign up for their program, then they will create ads that you can add to your site. The ads can have any shapes and coats you want (horizontal, vertical, text, visuals). Once inserted into your blog, you can begin to earn money from each click that your visitors from your site make on an ad. The system is very simple: advertisers (those who buy commercials) pay Google a certain amount of money to advertise, Google take the command and places the ads on the sites of its partners (Publishers – those who use Adsense), and for each click made on the commercial, a part of the money will go to the website owner and the rest goes into Google account. Probably wondering how much you earn for every click-a question whose answer is relative. Google pays publishers with the earned money from Advertisers and venues vary from niche to niche. To form an image, a nice like  “online games” its payed sometimes even with half-cent/click, but others can reach up to 2! If the niche is better paid, the harder is for you to win audience, due to fierce competition.

2. Selling advertorials – another source of income for a known blogger known is selling Advertorials or “guest posts”. An advertorial is an article written in order to arouse the interest of your audience across some services/products offered by others. For example, you have an IT blog and a computer store from your country wishes to publish an article on your blog, an article that says a few words about their computers and shows services offered on their website, along with one or more links. This way to promote a business is very prevalent and has two big benefits for the buyer of advertorial: increases the authority of the site to which the link goes and wins real clients.

3. With the help of affiliate programs – Sometimes it is better to choose an affiliate program than Google Adsense, which is very large and sometimes do not correlate well with that of your niche advertisers. The idea is to think about what are the chances that your visitors click on the ads and how you can increase your conversion rate, and with the help of affiliate programs you can exponentially increase your winnings, beacuse they are better targeted (if they are chosen rigth).

An affiliate program differentiates itself from Google Adsense or other advertising programs through the simple fact that the money will go into your account only when your visitors click on the link and buy the product behind it. In the case of an advertising program you earn money when visitors click on the given ads, but in the case of affiliate networks you win percentage of total sales.

4. Selling links – even if it is not too well seen by Google, selling links is very much practiced. The price of a link’s value increases with the number of visitors to your blog, PR (page rank), age of the domain, the number of pages on the blog. The most important factor is the PR’s blog, and a link on a PR 4 blog can easily pass 4 euro/month, depending on the used niche. Think of it as you can sell over 10 links without going to decrease the quality of the blog!

The way that a blogger can pull money are many, and those who succeed are the ones that don’t just start with the idea of making money, but are passionate about the niche that they describe in their own words!

Entrepreneurial lessons given by children


If you think that the greatest pleasures of children are computer games and cartoons, you are wrong. It shows you four teens creative that have transformed their passions into profitable business. dddddddddddddddddddd-Optimized

Leanna Archer, of New York, and founded her own company when she was just 8 years old. Today, the brand that bears her name, reported annual sales of $ 500,000 and is very popular among teenagers in the United States. Leanna creates and sells cosmetics for hair made in house, with recipes from her own grandparents, according to the BBC.

“I have heard a lot of people around me saying that they would love to use natural products for hair. I was asked often by many people what I use for mi hair, admiring me. Then I got the idea that I could make some products of its kind, “said the young entrepreneur.

So she did nothing but give free samples. Hair masks created after her grandmother’s recipe, made in house from natural ingredients: herbs, oil, etc. “after they have tried and liked them, they told me so: I’ll give you 20 bucks, how many such masks can you do for me?” Thus was born the startup that bears her name, in the basement of her home. Currently, Leanna has eight employees and plans to expand for the next year.

The young lady is 18 year old today and studies political science in New York. Advice for young people who dream to become their own bosses is: “everything seems impossible until you get to do it to be possible. If you are really passionate about something specific, keep on going, bet on that. ”

Anshul Samar was 12 years old when he thought of a clever idea: a way in which to determine students to love chemistry, a field considered by most quite complex. The teenager from California has worked for two years at a set of Elementeo, a playing cards game designed and created by himself in which he was explaining in a funny and easy to remember way the elements in Mendeleev’s table.

At 14 years old he launched the product on the market, hoping to attract the attention of children of his age. He sold 5,000 games quickly and soon he was forced to work on a new version of a set of books. Later, he also launched an application with the same name. ” I had hoped from the beginning to transform the idea into a business, you do it to be huge,” said the teenager for the BBC.

As a child, he felt that he had nothing to lose in case of failure: ” even if it goes badly or simply does not work, you can always remove your computer from the garage and have fun with friends the next day at school. Life goes on, “explains young Anshul the philosophy that was its guide.

His business has grown because of the help given to Samar by a gated community in California. ” There were a few people who offered me a $ 500 loan to start the job. That inspired me, the fact that I have shown that they had confidence in me, even if it were just a kid. ”

Today, Samar is a student at Stanford University: “school is and always has been my priority. Projects like Elementeo I have seemed amusing and interesting, they’ve looked like a smart way to learn and to have fun at the same time, “concludes Samar.

And South – African Ludwick  Marishane  had an idea that has caused waves in the market. At age 17 he decided to create a gel to replace water and SOAP. For six years he worked on the product, gathering funds and participating in competitions. At present, the gel is sold on the market in South Africa, while young was awarded by various organizations for his creation.

” I was thinking about people who do not have home conditions, who are missing, for example, a bathtub. In Africa, this is a reality, “he explained.

DryBath is a gel used for cleansing the skin, without the need of any speck of water, unlike most such gels.

Ilwad Elman was born in Somalia but grew up in Canada, where she moved together with her family. She wa only three years old when she remained only with her mother, her father being murdered. At the age of 19 she decided to return to Mogadishu. ” Only four sectors of the capital were controlled by the Government, the rest being dominated by the rebels, who were born with fires and violence every day. Basically, you could die at any time, ” said the young lady.

Together with her mother, she founded Sister Somalia, an organization that offered counseling, medical services, education and support to women who wanted to start a business, but also those who had been victims of sexual violence. Thus, Elman has turned into a social entrepreneur.  She helped 1,600 women in the community to put up their own businesses, including shops, courier companies and import food companies.

” Some have said is a little odd that a young person like me to lead an organization like this. I’ve demonstrated to many that there is life beyond bullets and violent, that people can become entrepreneurs if they are motivated to find opportunities to change, to live how they want”, she also added.