Businesses that goes to maximum capacity at this time of the year

Businesses that goes to maximum capacity at this time of the year


How to factory “sweet gifts” and what is the trend in the field of chocolate? This is the period of the year in which in the toys factories, but also in those with chocolate, people are working without a pause and the air is like in a forever Christmas. Workers are working with a big smile on their lips because of their hands come out great figures, some of them even mabe with gold or silver.11

Not only little santas with … Belgian chocolate are beaming, lined up in the kitchen. Together with them we found snow mens, praline shoes or sweet angels, all created manually and flavored with cinnamon, almonds or oranges. Then products are packed with care and sent to customers from all over the country.

“This year was asked for something else, in the sense that they wanted miscellaneous products, which have a higher value added, meaning more paint, more attention, special flavorings may also insets with gold and silver”, explains manager of a chocolate factories.

Not just the ones who are looking gifts for their loved ones chose sweet surprises. Also the representatives who want to reward their employees or collaborators have been made orders since the month of July.