Google – Over Optimization Penalty

Google – Over Optimization Penalty


seo penaltyFor many people, the phenomenon called “over optimization penality” is still unknown. The owners of web pages, if they try to achieve new visitants through search engines, are looking foward to optimize every page on it. But consciously, because of negligence or lack of information, it may happen that someone be penalized by Google because the search engine observed that this person tried to cheat.

The most important thing for Google is that it’s readers receive a list of quality search results, not having the interest that optimized pages advance in classifications. During page optimization, we artificially try to give the impression of an important web site and this thing is not something that Google likes.

When does the uncertainty of penalty appear?

The uncertainty of penalty appears when a very optimized web site is among 300-400 in search engine results or even lower while pages that are above in results are much more weaker or not enough relevant.

The most common reasons that cause penalty are:

1) Keywords stuffing – if the keywords are used to much on a page, on an article or in meta tags, then their frequency is to high.

2) Masked or unreadble texts  Рare the texts that are on the page but they can not be seen by readers. In this way, we show someting to the readers, but something else to the search engines. We also can get a penalty for using to small letters or colour similar to the colour of the background.

3) Doorway pages – are pages made only for search engines, that ar not visible to readers and can be accessed only by using masked links.

4) Payed links – Goole does not like the fact that we are¬†artificially trying to increase the value of our page and that’s why Google detects them and point them with a lower value. But this is a very hard thing to control. Google is trying to solve this isue by keeping an evidence of the pages that are speciallised in seeling backlinks.

5) Redirection – it’s a technique that redirects the visitant towards a special page without redirect also the search engine. Generally, the main page that allows the redirection is a beautiful well made page, with a generous content, which is dedicated to search engine and not to reader, who is redirected to a whole another page. This is the most serious crime against a search engine.

What can we do if we receive a penalty?

The first thing we must do is to search the reason of the penalty, so we can eliminate it. After this thing is solved, we must do a request reconsideration for our site.

Maybe all this tricks can be usefull, but only for a short period of time because the Google algorithm is continuously changing and a new version can detect the invisible cheatings from the older version. We think is not worthed to use this tricks because one never can tell what Google will do to fix them and receiving a penalty will infallibly affect our positioning in classifications.