White or Black SEO?

White or Black SEO?


One thing Is clear: the better is your niche, the higher are the chances to come in it people … less ethical. When competition is fierce, you should expect at “joys” at any time.

The negative SEO is one of those things that a rival webmaster can do against you … under certain conditions.ttttt-Optimized

You know that when you add some poor quality links to your site, Google might penalize you. I am referring here to the links on sites of dubious niche (porn), on sites of different niches than yours (e.g., Forex niche, but you are into a dating niche, for example). Or maybe you put a comment with a link to a site where other 350 people have als commented, each one with his own link. If you are a beginner, you probably have done one of the mistakes above … and you saw how the traffic has dropped significantly ( if you had one ). This strategy of bad linkbuilding, when it’s used by competition and target your site, is called negative SEO or black SEO. In other words, the competition enters those dubious sites and put a link to you!

No matter how stupid it may seem, these things happen and you have to expect from them. Why? Because the site must be regarded as a business, with risks and rewards. But there are situations when negative SEO can not touch you! You will be immune as Achilles in Greek mythology. Immersed by his mother in the waters of Styx, the heel was the only vulnerable part! So, which is the Achilles ‘ heel when it comes to the negative SEO? To have a ” bad ” website. The negative SEO (and dubious links in general) affect only the small sites. Google assumes that a small site it’s more likely to try to rank faster than one with a reputation. Google also knows that a great website will not risk its reputation in its niche. So will ignore these dubious links.

So, the study of negative SEO leads, as in the case of the “positive” one, at a single conclusion: a serious blog with quality content, that provides value to its visitors and solve their problems will be untouched by the competition.