Ranking factors in the Google algorithm

Ranking factors in the Google algorithm

Ranking factors in the Google algorithm
Ranking factors in the Google algorithm

Ranking factors in the Google algorithm

Everyone knows that Google SEO operates with very many indicators to give us exactly what we are looking for. We could only assume what matters most to a site for Google to consider it important to take as high in searches. Of course, the factors ranking assumptions are made on the basis of experience. It is believed that Google follows about 200 indicators. Some of them are still unknown. There is a list of the most important ranking factors. Based on the list it was created a top showing in percent how counts each factor in the Google algorithm. The top was created on the basis of the views of the 128 SEO experts. What emerged?

Thus, it is believed that the greatest importance of the factors relating to the scope and authority of links leading to this area. More precisely, how important are the sites that refer to your site. Where does the authority comes from? From:

– sites that belong to the State.
– sites of the educational institutions

– Wikipedia

– Dmoz

– other sites with PageRank 6 per domain, for example.

They will pick up your site in the eyes of Google. Those sites will vouch for your site’s authority.

Number 2 is the profile links at the page level. From here you can enumerate:

– the amount of links ( the more, the better. But take care not to make spam! )
– profile anchor text ( explicit, through what words is referred your site )

– link quality

3rd place is the keyword at the page level and characteristics of the contents. The content is the best way to make the site interesting for Google. The search engine knows now what is unique and of value. More, he knows to reference an article, depending on the keywords they contain. That’s why it’s good to give clues about what we want to express. In this category of indicators may include:

– the quality and relevance of content


– LDA, modeling of the content

The number of votes continues. The last place is the domain name, the response time of the site and other related indicators speed.

Now you don’t have to take everything for granted. If you are driving after other indicators and be able to gather great and quality traffic, then go to your own recipe.

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